Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review and where to Buy

Each year produces new Mi Bands from Xiaomi, and the recent one is called Mi Band 4 in China and Mi Smart Band 4 in the international market. The wearable sports and OLED screen with 16 million colours for the first time in this lineup. This post is just a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 review which will give you an insight before you decide to buy the smart band.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review and where to Buy


The predecessor of the Mi Smart Band 4 also comes with an OLED, but now the diagonal grew from 0.78 inch to 0.95 inch. When you look at a sharp angle you can see the actual display which is surrounded by plastic bezels on all sides, but this is not an issue in real life. A tiny white circle is used to indicate the responsive button, but the whole ensemble did not make the device bigger – the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 fits comfortably in the rubber band designed for the Mi Band 3.

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I have a little suggestion for you if you already have the Mi Band 3, and the suggestion is, if you are upgrading to the Mi Smart Band 4  you should use the role rubber band until it breaks before replacing it with the one that came in your recent package.

At the back, you will find the the regular stuff – heart rate sensor, connector pins and the Mi logo. Bear in mind this is where the Mi Smart Band 4 gathers grime the most, so it is good for you to clean it with pure alcohol once every week.


Features and Usability

Xiaomi is doing a great job with their smart bands. The latest one comes with the usual notifications, heart rate, weather, sleep tracker, and sports tracker. The Mi Smart Band 4 supports six different types of workout – Treadmill, Outdoor run, Cycling, Exercise, Walking, and Pool Swimming.

Once you connect the band to the Mi Fit app, it will immediately transfer all your settings. So you will not have to bother setting up alarms and notifications all over. The application is redesigned with more colours and graphics, but the key information remains readily available, this alone attracts some praises to Xiaomi. Speaking about colors and graphics, since the OLED supports all the colors, you can set up a custom home screen, which gives the band a personal touch.

Battery Life

The battery life will sure amaze you because it brings more power-hungry features while maintaining the same standard. Somehow, the brand manages to improve the sleep tracker, so when you are sleeping, Mi Smart Band 4 will preserve its battery life and it has a long life span between charges.

Here is my observation after using the smart band for a while- the Mi Band 3 recorded my heart rate and my sleep at every five minutes. It buzzed once in the morning to wake me up and that’s pretty much it – I am not a fan of notifications on my wrist since I am already with a phone in my hand pretty much all the time.

This kind of usage sustained me for 14 to 15 days on a single charge. At the time of writing, the Mi Smart Band 4 has 33% battery life remaining after 18 days of usage, so it is pretty safe to say it will hold on for at least another week. That is quite the gain, given the battery only increased from 110mAh to 135mAh.

Conclusion and where You Can Buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 has three major fatures – it is light, it is cheap, and it is straight to the point. Where can you get this device? Simply check on the offer s link below.


There are lots of smart bands that are trying to compete with this Mi Band 4, like the Huawei Band 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit e, however the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is quite cheaper as you can confirm from the offer link above. This edges it out from the competition.

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