Vivo iQOO Neo Will Arrive on July 2nd; It Comes with Touch Acceleration

You might have previously heard about the Vivo iQOO Neo even if you haven’t, the good news is that it will be arriving on July 2nd 2019. The event is set to take place in Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province Sichuan, which is most famous for its panda sanctuary.

Vivo iQOO Neo Will Arrive on July 2nd; It Comes with Touch Acceleration

The Vivo iQOO Neo is a gaming smartphone, and it will be coming with last year’s chipset in an attempt to offer flagship experience at lower price. It appears that not only the hardware, but the software will also be top notch.

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There is a video on Weibo which suggests that iQOO Neo will have a zero-lag acceleration – this actually means that when you are dragging a controller in a game, it will keep up with your finger’s speed.

The comparison between a standard Snapdragon 845 smartphone and the vivo iQOO Neo implies that vivo has improved the algorithm to the underlying framework. With the arrival of the new phone we are going to see a phone that is actively adjusting the priority of resources without taking from the performance of other hardware, like the screen, for example.

The question with cooling the device remains, but it should be cleared once the device is released next Tuesday, July 2nd.

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