US Companies will Resume Trade with Huawei Next Month – a US Official, Disclose

According to an official of the United States, who chooses to stay anonymous, he stated that the American government is ready to approve the licenses or companies that wish to continue selling components to Huawei. The source made it known Reuters, that approval process could take as little as two or four weeks. This will signal the first notable ease of sanctions since Huawei was put in the Entity list back in May 2019.

US Companies will Resume Trade with Huawei Next Month – a US Official, Disclose

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This result was made known after President Trump announced that US companies will be allowed to continue their business ties with Huawei at the G-20 summit in June. It was backed up by last week news that the US Commerce Department would begin issuing special licenses to American firsm that want to trade with the Chinese tech giant.

Though there was no much detail as to what the licenses are based on, there was a key requirement that all components are readily available across other markets and do not pose a threat to national security.

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As we kick-start the second half of 2019, it seems we are on track to see an earlier than expected resolution to the Huawei issues. According to the company’s representatives, instead of issuing special licenses, the American government should remove the company from the Entity list altogether, as no concrete evidence has thus shown Huawei’s product pose a threat to US security.

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