5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2019 That Users Can’t Wait to See

We have entered into a new year, and already there exist lots of expectations in the consumer technology world, especially among users of smartphones. There are lots of new smartphone features we should expect this year. To get ourselves prepared for that, let me show you some lineup of upcoming smartphones in 2019.

5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2019 That Users Can’t Wait to See

5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10

Just like previous years, 2019 will commence with the launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone – which possibly will be called Galaxy S10. The phone will probably be launched on or before MWC 2019 which will come up in the month of February. There are rumours that the Galaxy S10 will pose certain features like selfie camera hole, numerous models, 5G support, latest internals, and a slightly new design.

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OnePlus 7

One phone brand that has maintained its position in the global smartphone market is OnePlus. Their phones normally come with premium features with yet an affordable price tag. OnePlus is still climbing up the ladder, and they are expected to launch the OnePlus 7 sometime in this year 2019. The OnePlus 7 will be arriving with 5G capabilities, as already confirmed by the brand. We are expecting to see more premium features that will come with the OnePlus 7.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The Xiaomi’s Mi Mix premium smartphone series is expected to see an upgrade sometime this year. Just like other 2019 flagships, the Mi Mix 4 is expected to come with improved specifications like Snapdragon 855 chipset, 10GB RAM, and 5G support. However, the design of the upcoming smartphone is what we are all eager to see, considering how Xiaomi has always pushed the boundaries with this series.

Nokia 9

Since Nokia with the help of HMD Global made a comeback at MWC 2017, the rumours of a flagship Nokia 9 has been on. It is one of the most anticipated new smartphones coming soon in 2019. This year might actually be the one this phone will be officially unveiled. Rumours claimed the Nokia 9 will come with a five camera setup at the back, which will make it an industry-first technology.

iPhone 11

Last but not the least, the iPhone 11and its varieties is for sure the most anticipated upcoming smartphones in 2019. Though Apple really messed up with its naming strategy in 2018, with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, this year will be expecting them to go back to the basics. Though we are actually expecting successors to these three models, we are not sure yet how the naming scheme is going to look like. All we can do for now is to keep our fingers crossed till September 2019.

These are the summary of top upcoming Android phones or 5 new smartphones coming soon in the year 2019. Just anticipate, keep your finger crossed and wait for the official unveiling of each one of them. Hit the share icons below to get this post across friends of yours on various social media.

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