Upcoming 2018 iPhones Prices Leaked (Europe and United States)

Just last week, we saw the first renders of the upcoming 2018 iPhones, and also the rumoured name for the smaller model with an OLED screen, iPhone Xs. Formerly we assumed that the larger 6.5 inch OLED iPhone will go by the name iPhone Xs Plus, but it seems Apple is done with the “Plus” moniker for its mobole upcoming 2018 iPhones and so on.

Upcoming 2018 iPhones Prices Leaked (Europe and United States)

A new report has emerged an it tells that the largest smartphone ever made by the Cupertino company will be called iPhone Xs Max. This information was confirmed by two sources familiar with Apple’s marketing plans.

Despite the name change, you should assume that the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are very close siblings like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Both device will have the same design and materials, and also share most internals, aside from screen size and resolution, and battery capacity.


The upcoming 2018 iPhones will feature an Apple premium offering, complemented in the lineup by a 6.1 inch model with an LCD screen, and aluminium frame, which is included to keep costs down. The entry-level handsets final name has not been leaked yet.

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Apparently, some sources in Germany have leaked pricing information for all the three upcoming 2018 iPhones, and these are people who have provided accurate information in the past.

Here is the full gist; despite your location in any part of the world, the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone should cost the same as the iPhone 8 when it is launched. The iPhone Xs will cost the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone Xs max will command the same premium price as the iPhone X did last year.


In the United States of America, this means that the cheapest upcoming 2018 iPhones will cost $699, the iPhone Xs should cost $799, while the iPhone Xs max will be priced at $999.

In Germany, the expected prices of the upcoming 2018 iPhones are as follows; 6.1 inch LCD iPhone will cost €799, iPhone Xs will cost €909, while iPhone Xs Max will be priced at €1,149.


In all cases, we are actually referring to the models with the base storage of 64GB. Going for a higher storage means an increase in price, as seen with models of last year. So jumping from 64GB to 256GB in Germany, for example, will require €170 more. In the US, you’ll pay $150 more. For the Xs and Xs Max, a 512GB version might be offered as well, for a yet unknown price.

All three upcoming 2018 iPhones will have looks similar to the iPhone X, with Face ID built-in and no Touch ID fingerprint sensor. All the iPhones will have glass backs and wireless charging, and at the helm we will see Apple’s new A12 chip. The three iPhones will run on iOS 12 and they will be officially announced in an event coming up on September 12, 2018.

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