Microsoft Surface Duo – a Foldable Android Phone with Two Screens

Microsoft wrapped up its Surface event yesterday with the announcement of the Surface Duo. It is a phone that has been rumoured severally in the past, and now it has been materialized, though it was not anybody really expected. The Microsoft Surface Duo is an Android device that has two 5.6 inch screens and bezels that looks obsolete.

Microsoft Surface Duo – a Foldable Android Phone with Two Screens

The Microsoft Surface Duo is not one of those trending foldable device, as it screen has two separate panels with a gap between them. The demo clearly showed you can stretch a single app or image across the two and this looks awkward. The second screen is meant for typing and gaming controls – a concept we have already seen on the LG Dual Screen or the ROG Phones’ Twin Dock.

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The Microsoft Surface Duo won’t be available until the end of the year, this will allegedly give the company and developers enough time to create exclusive apps to leverage on the two screens. It will also give other manufacturers time to develop an actual foldable screen phone which does not have nasty gaps in the middle, but who knows, Microsoft might actually have something in mind.

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Microsoft did not reveal any specification about the Surface Duo, but it did confirm its hinge will be of the 360 degree variety. So you can fold the screens both on the inside and on the outside. Let’s keep our fingers crossed until we have more concrete information about the forthcoming Microsoft Surface Duo.

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