Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019: Phones, Date and Daily Giveaways

Before now, many have been asking about when is Jumia anniversary 2019? Well, there is good news for you if you are one of those, especially if you are living in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and other African countries where Jumia online stores operate. This post is all about the Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019, revealing the dates, deals, daily giveaways and also the phones you can buy during the 2019 anniversary sales of Jumia in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.  

Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019: Phones, Date and Daily Giveaways

Jumia Anniversary Date 2019

The Jumia Anniversary Date for the year 2019 is slated for June 24th to July 7th. During this period, you can enjoy massive discounts from deals like Phones, Fashion, Computers, Electronics and more. So, I will advise you to keep the date on your diary or set it as a reminder. You can as well bookmark this page on your browser to visit it during that period, because you will have an update of the discounted products.

Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019 Deals and Giveaways

Apart from the amazing discounts you will get for products, the following are the amazing offers and giveaways you get to enjoy during the Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019.

Free N500 for Everyone

How it works?

  • Create a Jumia account if you do not have one yet
  • On June 23rd, you will be credited with N500 in your Jumia wallet. You will be notified via email once it is done.
  • You can use the N500 in your Jumia wallet to buy anything you like from June 24th when you checkout with Jumia Pay.

500 Naira Jumia Global Shop

How it works?

  • On midnight of June 24th, we will open the 500 Naira Jumia Global Shop.
  • The Shop will only be opened for a few minutes, so you will have to buy as quickly as you can.
  • Delivery is also free if you choose the economy postal option.

What is Jumia Global?

Shipped from Overseas also known as Jumia Global allows you to shop internationally sourced products and have them delivered to you doorstep here in Nigeria. Jumia Global items on our website can be identified via the Jumia Global Logo.  

What is Economy Postal?

Economy Postal Shipping is a new economical shipping service for Jumia Global items, delivered through local postal service providers. To bring you the lowest possible shipping charge we ship your items through postal and not by Jumia courier. To access economy shipping, click on the option below on checkout

Daily Giveaways

How it works?

  • Meet us on June 24th at midnight for the first edition! It’s simple: follow our Facebook page (if not done yet). Wait for the live to start (it will be broadcasted on our website at midnight sharp).
  • Comment with your phone number and wait for us to call you back. We will giveaway amazing products such as: the iPhone Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy S10, Hp Laptops and more. The winner will be announced during the live!
  • Next edition will happen every day at 12pm from Tuesday to Friday.

Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019 Phones to Look Out For

You want amazing discounts on smartphones in the ongoing Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019? Then view the deals and offers from the link below



Jumia Anniversary Deals 2019

Click on the Image below to view the full deals and offers of Jumia Anniversary 2019


Now you have seen the date, and amazing offers that awaits you, you have to get yourself prepared. Also bookmark this page to get the latest offers on Jumia Anniversary Sales 2019.

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