Energizer E500S; an Android GO, 4G Smartphone That Cost Less Than €100

A new Energizer smartphone was officially announced today. It is known as the Energizer E500S, and out-of-the-box, its most important features seems to be the price tag it came with , €99.99. It is SIM-free and also came unlocked.

Energizer E500S; an Android GO, 4G Smartphone That Cost Less Than €100

The Energizer E500S comes with Android Oreo, GO Edition (the special Google’s OS that is optimized to run well on very low-end hardware. The phone has 4G support, which also includes VoLTE. It also come with 8MP main camera with LED flash, a 5MP front-facing camera, and a 5 inch 800 x 480 touch screen.

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The Energizer E500S have just 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is expandable via microSD slot. It is a dual SIM phone which is powered by 2000mAh battery. The battery capacity is quite unimpressive. since it is coming from a brand that is associated with decent battery capacities.

Looking at the processor, the Energizer E500S is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core Mediatek CPU, and it have a shock-proof cover in the box, together with a tampered glass screen protector pre-applied.

if you want to pay lesser, the Energizer E500S have a limited 3G variant, though other specs remain the same. The price for this very one cost just €69.99. Both of the models are available now in Europe in wherever store the Energizer phone is been sold in Europe.

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