Apple iPhone 11 Lineup Will Cone with Square Camera Setup

May was the first month we have a hint of what the upcoming iPhone’s rear camera could possibly look like. And yes! The information was true. The upcoming Apple iPhone 11 lineups will have a square camera setup with triple cameras arranged in a seemingly random arrangement.

Apple iPhone 11 Lineup Will Cone with Square Camera Setup

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Olixar, a case and accessory manufacturer, already has glass protectors for the iPhone 11’s rear camera, and they came in three versions. One for each of the three variants we are expecting from Apple by September this year. To add to that, the same accessory maker also has an iPhone 11 Max screen protector which is up for pre-order from Mobile Fun UK.

The video above is the one made by the UK retailer about the camera protectors. It reveals that the Olixar protectors are already in mass productions and available for sale, so the company is clearly confident that the hint of the layout is correct. There will be three camera protectors. The iPhone 11 and 11 Max appear to have identical camera clusters while the iPhone 11R would have one less camera.

Initial rumours about the Apple iPhone 11’s camera suggest that the manufacturer will add a 120-degree wide angle camera for the first time. The same reports claim the telephoto and standard cameras will continue be optically stabilized but there are no plans for OIS on the ultra-wide. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11R would have the telephoto and standard cameras but omit the ultra-wide.

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Apple will also have a brighter quad-LED flash on the back and a thinner camera bump than before. Smart HDR is also expected to undergo a significant update to catch up with the competition.

Olixar has a good record for leaking how cases of future smartphones will look like, but we are still a bit puzzled by the screen protector. The rendered phone behind it looks very identical to the current Apple iPhone XS Max, but the speaker grille appears to be twice as thick as before. Rumors suggest Face ID will be much improved this year, with new sensors that will be able to authenticate you from a wide range of angle and much closer to the screen.

iPhones are usually set to launch in September, so with three months before the phone’s announcement, do you think this will really be the iPhone’s new camera cluster? Also, what do you think of the iPhone 11 to this point? Share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.

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