Amazon Echo Devices and Their Various Prices in India

Amazon launched the Echo devices in India last year, and just recently, the company has opened the sales of the devices in to everyone in the country. To all my readers who are in India at the moment, you can simply buy the Amazon Echo devices online through Amazon India, and offline in 360 retails stores across the 20 cities in India. The retails stores include Croma, Reliance, Crossword, Vijay Sales and lets more.

Amazon Echo Devices and Their Various Prices in India

The Amazon Echo series was first launched by the company in October last year in India, but back then you can only have access to the devices on an invite basis. It actually took Amazon for good months to open up the sales for everyone on the country. During this period of wait, the company spent most of its time in making Alexa better.


A lot of work has been done on Alexa in India, and it has been revamped greatly to work with Indian voices and requirements. Alexa itself has a different and more familiar voice in India. A feature that was not available before in Alexa has been introduced, which is Alexa to Alexa voice calling, which you can use to call your friends and family. A new Drop-in feature was also enabled, and this works for room to room calling, and it allows you to reach out to people in your house by telling Alexa to drop it on a particular room.

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Amazon Echo Devices Price

The Amazon Echo comes in three different versions, and their prices in India are as follows:

Amazon Echo Dot Price is INR4,499

Amazon Echo Price is INR9,999

Amazon Echo Plus Price is INR14,999

You can purchase any of your preferred Echo device on Amazon India or any of the offline retail stores that cuts across the 20 cities in India.


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